Searching for words by theme allows the user to find all of the words divided into four large categories:

  • Physiological systems that are affected by sickness, incidents, physiological processes or secretions:
    • Cardiovascular, digestif, endocrine, immune/lymphatic, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, urinary, and cutaneous
  • Parts of the body which are named or are affected by a condition or an incident
    • Head, neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis, and spine, limbs
  • Procedures used to diagnose or treat the patient
    • Test, medication, operation, treatment
  • Non-specific terms, grouping together words that are unrelated to the three large themes, such as
    • Words describing symptoms or the general condition of the patient, such as a list of discomforts that guides the doctor in his diagnosis
    • Words from the general lexicon used with other health related words

It’s possible to combine themes with the following sub-themes to do a more specific search:

    • Disease: affliction affecting the proper functioning of a system
    • Condition: permenant or temporary pathologic state creating dysfunction in a system or part of the body
    • Incident: event, accident that affects the proper functionning of organs or parts of the body
    • Secretions: matter secreted by a physiological system
    • Physiological phenomena: affliction mainly affecting the cutaneous system
    • Names of body parts: anatomic part in a region of the body